Our mission is to become a reliable and environmentally sustainable group that delivers quality cleaning and related services with dedication and enthusiasm in a one-stop-solution to our customers and to continue our undertaking of corporate social responsibility and participating in the community service pro-actively and on high ethical values.

Lo’s Group’s business segments comprise the following:

  1. The cleaning and related services segment engages in the provision of cleaning and related services for office buildings, public areas and residential areas;​

  2. The medical waste treatment business segment engages in the provision of non-incineration medical waste handling services for hospitals;

  3. The fertilizers business segment engages in the trading of organic fertilizers;

  4. The waste management technologies segment engages in the research, development and commercialization of waste management technologies;

  5. The establishment of an NGO in 2013 with the aim of assisting the Hong Kong Government and the people of Hong Kong in tackling issues arising from the disposal of solid waste through education and contemporary environmental protection technologies.



Waste Management Technologies


Cleaning and Related Services

Medical Wastes Treatment 

Establish an NGO: Environmental Innovation Council Ltd



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